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Comenzi rapide in Photoshop pentru cutia cu unelte

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Comenzi rapide in Photoshop pentru cutia cu unelte

Post by Ghioala Andrada on Sun May 26, 2013 11:56 am

Acestea sunt comenzile rapide pentru cutia cu unelte

Move tool - V
Rectangular marquee tool - M
Elliptical marquee tool - M

Lasoo tool - L
Polygonal lasoo tool - L
Magnetic lasoo tool - L

Quick selection tool - W
Magic wand tool - W

Crop tool - C

Slice tool - K
Slice select tool - K

Spot healing brush tool - J
Healing brush tool - J
Patch tool - J
Red eye tool - J

Brush tool - B
Pencil tool - B
Color replacement tool - B

Clone stamp tool - S
Pattern stamp tool - S

History brush tool - Y
Art history brush tool - Y

Eraser tool - E
Background eraser tool - E
Magic eraser tool - E

Grandient tool - G
Paint bucket tool - G

Blur tool - R
Sharpen tool - R
Smudge tool - R

Dodge tool - O
Burn tool - O
Sponge tool - O

Pen tool - P
Freeform pen tool - P

Horizontal type tool - T
Vertical type tool - T
Horizontal type mask tool - T
Vertical type mask tool - T

Path selection tool - A
Direct selection tool - A

Rectangle tool - U
Rounded rectangle tool - U
Ellipse tool - U
Polygon tool - U
Line tool - U
Custom shape tool - U

Notes tool - N
Audio annotation tool - N

Eyedropper tool - I
Color sampler tool - I
Ruler tool - I
Count tool - I

Hand tool - H
Zoom tool - Z

Edit in Quick mask tool- Q
Change screen mode - F
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