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New Flyff Insanity Server:)

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New Flyff Insanity Server:)

Post by rafaelss1 on Tue Jul 31, 2012 2:51 am

InsanityFlyFF - High rates Fun Server

1000x EXP,
1500x Penya,
500x Drop,

1000 Players +!

- Custom Colosseum with 10 new stages
- Custom Baruna Weapon Upgrading
- Balanced donation system, including surveys/offers for free iPoints for all to benefit from
- Pet Filter
- Fully Featured v19 + Unique Custom Content that no other server has
- Custom Marketplace
- No Kill Stealing
- Party Finder System
- Perin system in inventory same as penya system
- Vote system allowing players to get free item mall stuff
- No Buff Limit, buff pang with max buffs in Flarine
- New Cards S and X cards / 10% and 12% cards
- all CS Scrolls in NPC
- Professional Staff, no Item Spawning/Corruption
- Custom Skills not like every other server has!
- Instant upgrade speed no boring wait time while upgrading things
- No negatives awakes!
- Custom teleport system
- Madrigal v19 style
- v16 Map System
- New Weapon Glows
- Only server with Wing Masks that have animations!
- Max level cap 300 ( no other server has such high level cap )


Website ->

bY ~~~ Haos


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